Resource: Board Binder Checklist

Creating board binders is one small step towards helping the board understand their governance role and embrace both donor cultivation and fiscal responsibility. This resource will help you put together an onboarding binder your board will actually use!

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Checklist: Founders Dos and Don’ts

Because founders—regardless of the sector—are remarkably good at many things, and they should steer clear of others. The key to a founder’s long-term success is self-awareness and self-mastery.

Checklist: People

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Checklist: How to Prepare for an Audit

Whether you have an audit to prepare for or not, it’s important to get – and keep – your financial house in order. This checklist will be enormously helpful for you to get the right habits in place now.

Checklist: Money

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Checklist: Creating a First-Rate Event Speech

This checklist includes some tips and tricks that I (Joan Garry) use to take the fullest advantage of the opportunity and responsibility of engaging the audience regardless of oratory prowess.

Checklist: People, Narrative

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Checklist: A Guide to Surviving a Crisis

This guide is the checklist you probably don’t want to download. But please do so anyway. It’s like buying insurance. You hope it was a waste of money and you never use it. But you should buy it all the same.

Template: People, Narrative

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