Resource: Board Meeting Agenda Assessment

Can you imagine leaving a board meeting uttering the words “Wow, that was a great meeting?” Download this simple recipe to put your meetings on a path to ignite your board members to be full-throated ambassadors for your work.

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Resource: Crisis Management Matrix

In an effort to get you as a nonprofit leaders to face “worst case scenarios,” here’s a template you can use to think through challenges that could befall your organization.

Template: People, Narrative

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Sample Board Member Application

If you don’t have an application, get in line. In a query of ten nonprofits, many of which had budgets of $1 million (and some over $5 million!), only TWO had actual application forms.

Checklist: People

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Template: Development Plan

This template is intended to walk you through writing your first Fundraising Plan. You’ll end up with realistic fundraising goals, and a plan that shows your board and staff how they can achieve those goals.

Template: Money

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Template: Executive Director Annual Evaluation

Green paint on the ground with faded white text that reads "You only look back to see where you come from, but victory is ahead."

One of the single most important responsibilities of the Board of Directors is the Annual Review of the staff leader. This template will both facilitate the review and help all E.D.s understand their most important tasks.

Template: People

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Template: Exit Interviews for Board and Staff

Exit interviews are a must. While board and staff turnover are part of the deal in any organization, understanding the WHY is critical to a thriving nonprofit. But what questions should you ask?

Template: People, Staff, Board

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