Resource: Delegate, Or Else.

A male presenting person riding a unicycle across an uneven railroad line while juggling with a train leaning off the rails behind him.

Overwhelmed and stuck? If you’ve fallen into the trap of trying to do everything yourself, you’re hardly alone. But are you doing so at the risk of your nonprofit’s growth and success?

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Resource: Conflict of Interest Sniff Test

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With so many things to remember when running your nonprofit organization, it’s easy to forget what those involved do outside of the organization. Is it possible you have a conflict of interest on your hands?

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Susan Leahy: Board Culture & Robert’s Rules of Order


Robert’s Rules of Order can be one of the most impactful ways to boost a board’s communication, productivity, team building, and member retention. These qualities are the building blocks for establishing a healthy copilot relationship between your org’s board and executive director.

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