ED / Board Chair Relationship

Masterclass: From Working to Governing Boards

This masterclass is designed to give leaders on working boards a sense for the pathway towards sustainable growth – and eventually building a paid staff so that the board can focus more on oversight, strategy, and fundraising.

Course: People, Strategy

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Checklist: Founders Dos and Don’ts

Because founders—regardless of the sector—are remarkably good at many things, and they should steer clear of others. The key to a founder’s long-term success is self-awareness and self-mastery.

Checklist: People

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Bonus: Download Bundle from JoanGarry.com

Joan publishes quite a bit of useful free resources and downloads over on JoanGarry.com. As a convenience for Lab members, we are publishing all of them here in one place!.

Resources: People, Leadership, Fundraising

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