Member Reviews: Deconstructing Member Videos

Video can be an AMAZING way to build emotional connections, tell your stories, and promote your nonprofit. But how do you create great videos without spending a ton of money? 

Member Reviews: Narrative

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Dan Osheyack: Mission, Vision, Tagline

Come watch the recording of this live masterclass with Joan Garry and marketing expert Dan Osheyack, who discuss mission, vision, and taglines, and then analyze the statements of six Lab members’ organizations in real time.

Live Masterclass: Narrative

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Justin Kownacki: Better Storytelling for Nonprofits

We all want our nonprofits to resonate with a growing audience, and there’s no better way to attract people than through great stories. But how do you tell your stories the right way? Our special guest, Justin Kownacki, is going to teach us how to do just that.

Course: Narrative

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