Recruitment & Onboarding

Masterclass: Inclusive Hiring Practices

An illustration of multiple people of different genders, races, and ethnicities.

The #1 way to drive innovative leadership is to include people with different lived experiences. Learn how to create a hiring process with inclusivity — and your time — in mind.

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Rhodes Perry: Building a Gender Inclusive Organization

Participants that develop empathy, awareness, and skills are more effective collaborators in creating an agency that is truly gender inclusive. The topics discussed work particularly well for nonprofit executives, HR professionals and DEI leaders who identify as allies and for others who would like to expand their knowledge and professional skills.

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Sample Board Member Application

If you don’t have an application, get in line. In a query of ten nonprofits, many of which had budgets of $1 million (and some over $5 million!), only TWO had actual application forms.

Checklist: People

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