Resource: How to Boost Morale

a picture of 4 people in black and white sitting at a conference table holding their heads with an exhausted look on their faces while a man in a blue shirt is presenting at a white board in full color.

Struggling to keep staff and volunteers motivated and engaged? Making this one change will not only fuel them and boost morale but strengthen their commitment to the mission.

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Resource: Delegate, Or Else.

A male presenting person riding a unicycle across an uneven railroad line while juggling with a train leaning off the rails behind him.

Overwhelmed and stuck? If you’ve fallen into the trap of trying to do everything yourself, you’re hardly alone. But are you doing so at the risk of your nonprofit’s growth and success?

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Pick It. Be It. Again!

Three rainbow fish of different sizes, two facing left and one facing right, attached to a pole through the center.

Regardless of your role, YOU are a Brand Shepherd — and you’re charged with bringing your organization’s work to life. From the mission statement to the stories you tell, here’s a straightforward way to make sure you do it on brand.

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Time for a Tune-Up?

The top third of the image has the text "Time for a tune-up? How to check whether your mission/vision/tagline are still serving you well." Below the text is an assortment of hand tools.

It’s critical your messaging accurately reflects your organization’s identity to your donors, staff, and board — especially when cruising into fundraising season. Don’t wait for the “check engine” light to go on to give your mission, vision, or tagline a tune-up.

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