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  • Build the board of your dreams
  • Increase your fundraising
  • Grow your reach and engagement
  • Develop your leadership skills
  • Scale your organization

For just $37 per month

(Less than a cup of coffee per day)

I feel like I have a personal mentor right by my side, teaching me the tricks of the trade. The classes in the Lab have been a game changer.

Adrien Stinnett

Executive Director

What You'll Find Inside the Lab


Access to the Lab's entire library. Go deep on fundraising, developing your board, building your audience, and scaling your organization.


A single expert seminar in the Lab is like an expensive private consulting session, one that most small nonprofits simply can’t afford.


Support and encouragement when you need it most. After all, it can sure be lonely at the top. Especially when everything falls on your shoulders.


Time is your most valuable resource. Lab members get exclusive access to time-saving resources that they can adapt for their own purpose.


Live Q&A's, masterclasses, coffee chats... Joan's fingerprints are all over the Lab and members often say she's just like having a supportive neighbor. 


There is NOTHING like this out there for board leaders. Hearing from staff leaders unfiltered has helped so many become better board members.

I learned how to build a board... how to fundraise.

Barbara Ingraham

Board Leader

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the Lab cost?

$37 per month. That's it.

There are no other fees and you get access to everything that has ever been offered inside the Lab.

How long does my membership last?

A regular membership is simply month-to-month and you will be automatically renewed unless you cancel. You can cancel any time you want and you retain access to the Lab through the end of your current monthly subscription.

Will my price ever go up?

As long as you keep your membership active, you'll be grandfathered into your price. Even when new members join and pay more in the future, you get to keep your lower price.

Do you offer annual memberships?

Only by special request. If you would prefer to sign up with an annual plan, please reach out and let us know by clicking the green "help" icon on the lower right corner of this page.

Can I share this with others in my org?

We want your nonprofit to thrive. You're welcome to bring people in to watch a video course together, and you can certainly download a copy a template or checklist and distribute it within your organization. However, the Lab is for your personal use and we ask that you do not share your login with others.

How many members are in the Lab?

More than 3,000 nonprofit board and staff leaders have joined the Lab since the doors first opened in May, 2017. And even though members can cancel at any time, only a very small percentage choose to do so each month.

I was looking for mentorship and to learn from other leaders. I, myself, did not 'grow up' in the nonprofit arena. One of the best results I've gotten [from the Lab] is I've gone from a board of four members to a board of twelve, fully engaged. Our work has gone off the charts!

Aaron Saenz


My board chair and I took the Lab's strategic planning course and it totally changed our thinking about how to engage in strategic planning with limited resources. It was incredible. The value of this one course was far more than it costs to be in the Lab for an entire year.

Kim Leipham Freedman

Head of School

Initially I was quite skeptical... but I couldn't be happier I joined. Truly, the resources are incredible. I have done the 'How to Select a Board', 'How to Run a Board Meeting', 'How to Create an Elevator Pitch', 'How to Improve Your Facebook Reach' courses. I have pages upon pages of notes.

Dr. Tim Walbridge


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